Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Computer Proverbs 15-21

A proverb is a short comparative statement that summarizes one or more principles in scripture.
These groups of 7 are meant to be discussed and lead to discovering principles in God’s Word.
As you search the scriptures, ask God to show you other computer proverbs you can excitedly share with others. 
  1. Cell phones to the ear block God’s ‘call waiting’ alerts.
  2. God gave us ‘bragging’ only to tell others of Him.
  3. As a schoolroom with wheels is a church bus, so is a honer of testimonies a website
  4. Fonts are few alongside God’s Grace for each day
  5. A spell checker’s Tear is just a four letter word unless it’s on your cheek.
  6. Seeing the reality in an email is like covering one eye – no depth of field or feeling.
  7. Computer safety is touching His throne before touching your keys. 
Can you add some?  Plant a few and see if they grow. 
Psalms 71:18

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