Thursday, September 8, 2011

Computer Proverbs 8-14

A proverb is a short comparative statement that summarizes one or more principles in scripture.
These groups of 7 are meant to be discussed and lead to discovering principles in God’s Word.
As you search the scriptures, ask God to show you other computer proverbs you can excitedly share with others.
  1. Tearful typing is a Christian with an unsaved typing God’s promises in white, black, and blood.
  2. Neither printers nor monitors can match the red at the Cross.
  3. God came before technology. Do your actions teach the same?
  4. How big and accessible is your life’s HELP key? ‘F1’ is not enough.
  5. Every machine and software has glitches. Learn that your Savior has none.
  6. Monitors do poorly in sun light but man excels in Son light.
  7. Keyboarding without goals is like a storm tossed ship with no rudder. 
Can you add some?  Plant a few and see if they grow. 

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