Monday, September 5, 2011

Computer Proverbs 22-28

A proverb is a short comparative statement that summarizes one or more principles in scripture.
These groups of 7 are meant to be discussed and lead to discovering principles in God’s Word.
As you search the scriptures, ask God to show you other computer proverbs you can excitedly share with others.
  1. A fool has a computer that instantly reads and displays all his thoughts with abandon.
  2. See all that can be done without technology (and after it’s gone.) Start at Gen 1:1.
  3. Cell phones are helpful, but try telling that to Balaam’s donkey.
  4. Computers are fast but God was there first, and wants us to keep Him there.
  5. Computers are good at taking inventory but can’t hold a candle to God’s tracking the hairs on our head or all the names of His stars.
  6. Hearts need the Sin Virus scan more often than the Return key is pressed.
  7. CONTROL keys just two; do you have another within you?
 Can you add some?  Plant a few and see if they grow.
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